Wedding Details
            "It Had To Be You" Singvitation
            2 Panel Jewel Case Insert



Visually elegant and
contemporary is what Julie and
Marc wanted to capture in the
graphic design aspect of
their Singvitation.

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4 Color Silk Screened CD Face


Julie & Marc

It had to be you,
it had to be you,

When Julie & Mark
created a spark
right out of the blue

In seconds they knew,
no other would do
T’was love at first sight,
it finally felt right,
It finally felt true

On 6 – 9 – 03,
they’ll unite happily
The Fairmont hotel
from 7 o’clock
til 1, 2 or 3

It would mean so much
to see you there
To witness the vows
that they will share
A moment in time,
no words can define
It had to be you


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Wedding Details
Jewel Case Tray / Spine

Through the classic melody of
It Had To Be You, a nostalgic song
for them both, they were able to
convey their joy when requesting
that family and friends please
save the date.

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